Do You Know These Dog Care Tips?

Do you know how to help your dog to reduce weight? First, I introduce a calorie formula to help you calculate how many calories your dog is consuming in a day to keep the current weight: Calories = the dog’s weight(kg) x 30 + 70. If you aren’t satisfied with your pet’s weight, you can feed him/her foods with fewer calories than the result you calculate. If your dog is too thin, you can provide more foods with more calories.

Do you have plans to help your dog to look for a companion? Before you get a new pet, please keep in mind that like the human the dog needs a right companion who understands him/her. If you just throw a new comer, something unhappy may happen and they may fight all day long for foods, water, a den, etc. A good idea is when you plan to bring a new comer home, you are recommended to let them meet in a park or somewhere else except your home.

Then see how they get along with each other. But remember the premise is you must use leashes to keep them under the control. Another important thing you should be aware of is if the new comer carries parasites or some disease. You’d better get a thorough physical examination for the dog before take him/her home.

As a qualified pet owner, you must understand your dog and know when the dog needs you. When the dog finds some strangers and dangers, he/she will bark for your help. So what you need to do is not only to understand what bark is for help but also teach a command to tell your pet to come back to you and let you handle it. It is necessary to teach your dog a come command.

And it is very simple; just repeat it until you dog learn it. Let your dog stay where he is and you stay a few steps away from him/her. Say come and see if your dog reacts. If he comes, you should give some treats and praises.

Some people like eating chocolate and they also feed their pets with it. If you are one of them who feed chocolate to your dog, stop feeding from now on. Chocolate is very bad for dog’s health, even a small amounts. Taking a certain amount of chocolate can cause the pet’s heart palpitation and dyspnoea. If you find your dog take in chocolate, please take him/her to the vet as soon as possible.

Dogs are inclined to get infected by worms, bacteria and some diseases, which put you and your family at high risk of infection. You need to wash your pets frequently and regularly and take them to the vet for regular physical inspection. More important point is you need to take the right protective steps. For example, you should prevent your dog from eating the raw or degenerative food. After touch your pets, remember to wash your hands every time.