Dog First Aid Tips – How To Give Your Dogs The Care They Need

One of the activities that you may be forced to perform for your dog in his or her lifetime is some sort of first aid, whether that be bandaging up a small cut, or heaven forbid, something more serious. Are you going to be prepared when this happens? Dogs, like most animals, have a very curious sense about them and they are always out to find something more interesting than what they already have discovered. This, unfortunately, can get them into a bit of trouble or put them in situations that are less favorable with regard to risk of injury.

If the situation arises where your dog needs medical help or some sort of first aid assistance, then it will be up to you to provide the care that your dog needs. Your help will be required until you can get your dog to a veterinarian where he and she can receive the proper care that the vet will be able to provide. It’s important that you have some sort of first aid kit or medical equipment available so that you’re prepared in the event that something does happen to your pet.

Some of the important items that you may want to keep in your dog first aid kit are things that will help bandage up cuts and/or stop bleeding. The supplies most commonly used for these types of actions are gauze, tape, and bandages. Before you bandage up a wound, it is important that you clean it with certain supplies like peroxide, which will get rid of any dirt and bacteria that may be present. Another great item to have in your kit is a blanket, which can be used to wrap up your dog in the event that he begin to experience shock.

Other items that should be included in your dog first aid kit are antihistamine, antibacterial creme or gel, and solution that can be used for washing out eyes. There are other medical products such as tweezers or medical scissors, syringes for distributing medications, and other items that can be used in many different types of first aid situations. Cotton is also a great tool to have when it comes to being able to patch up wounds.

If you are not familiar with the more basic steps of providing first aid for your dog, then you may want to consider becoming more familiar with them so that you may properly care for your dog if the situation arises. Always keep the veterinarian number on hand in the event that your dog needs medical assistance that you may not be able to provide, regardless of what time of the day it is. If you’re not sure what to do, and it is after hours, then your vet may be able to provide assistance to you over the phone or through email. There has also been an increase in the number of pet emergency centers so if your dog is in need of critical care, and a veterinarian is not immediately available, then this is one place that you can take your dog in order to get the care that is needed.